3 Food Groups Essay

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The 3 Food Groups
There are several ways of understanding food and nutrients. It is difficult for children to understand about nutrients which they cannot touch or see. Instead, it is better to talk to them in the language of foods that they see and eat. The 3 food group concept used here is simple and easy for children to understand.

Energy giving foods are carbohydrates and fats. Using whole grain cereals (flour without sieving) instead of using refined flour is healthier because it contains more vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrate calories not used by the body are stored as fats so it is not advisable to eat these beyond the body’s energy needs or if the person is overweight. Energy giving Fats are a rich
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Carbohydrates are sugar and starch that can be simple or complex. The simplest form of carbohydrates is glucose. Natural sugar present in fruits and milk is also Carbohydrates. Starches are not sweet and can be found in cereals, grains, wheat, rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are starches with more dietary fiber or bulk in them. It is recommended that 55–60 % of our energy intake should be from complex carbohydrates.

Protein: These are mostly used in building and repairing of body cells and tissues. Proteins provide 4 kcal/gm. Dietary proteins may be of animal or plant sources. Both sources are important for the body. Animal protein foods are eggs, meat, fish and dairy products. Plant proteins are pulses, beans, nuts and seeds.

Fats: Fats play an important role in nutrition and provide a concentrated source of energy for the body, 9 kcal/gm. Fats are used to store energy in the body, insulate body organs, and transport fat-soluble vitamins. They also play an important role in food preparation by enhancing flavor of food. If we regularly eat too many high fat foods and get too little exercise, we can become overweight and

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