Food Foods, Sweet Food

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Food, sweet food.

I am so glad that I attend a university that has the national ranked dining system in the whole country.I am not some crazy food lover, nor a picky person on food, but after I came to this strange country far away from my home, I realized that food matters. For the last 10 years, I am always trying to get weight because I am too weak and thin, and eating more foods seems the only way to do so. So I almost eat everything eatable that I got and my parents are always try to cook new foods for me to eat so that I can eat more. Unfortunately, because of my rapid metabolism and some other biological reasons, I just cannot get weight no matter how much I eat. The good thing is, I become tolerant to almost every foods and I nearly have no preferences on foods. I thought I would be okay for studying abroad for 4 years, but just after the first week of my college life, I became home sick, and more specifically, I missed foods back at home.

With the highly developed technology, I can never missed my parents, my home nor my friends. My parents approximately had a video chat everyday, I still felt like home, being told to do or not to do something, asked about so many things, at a moment I think I am even felt sick of all that home stuffs, instead of homesick. I just didn’t want to waste my time on chatting with my parents in the other hand I can use it on my own works, being really independent. But these changed one day, when I ordering a piece of Chinese style stir

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