Food Deserts Force Families At Consume Un Healthy Food Alternatives For Higher Prices

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Food Deserts force families to consume un-healthy food alternatives for higher prices, and leads to further chain reactions that effect the residents physically but also financially. Due to the scarcity of the more diverse food options that super markets provide, neighborhood residents are afflicted with many maladies associated with poor eating habits. Eventually, these poor eating habits lead to obesity which can further lead towards diabetes and even cancer. In addition, Food Deserts are bad for communities, contributes to the overall wealth of the inhabitants of the neighborhood in which due to the expensive food choices that the neighborhood is left with. These choices include but are not limited to corner stores and fast food joints. Food Deserts can also be a major sources of isolation amongst neighborhoods, and scares off potential new residents that could add to the neighborhoods revenue. Food Deserts leave struggling families with little to no opportunity to purchase healthy food choices. In addition, the only options that families are left with, are often expensive fast food items and the overpriced processed goods in convenience stores. Often most Americans are led by the misconception that processed foods are cheaper than healthier alternatives. However, this is because of the way that health specialist measured the value compared to the number of calories within a specific item. But what health specialist cannot measure however is the amount of sustainable…

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