Essay Food Consumption Of Genetically Modified Food

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Even though genetically modified foods are lower in cost and can be mass produced faster, genetically modified foods are not healthy because the FDA does not regulate genetically modified foods, so consumers can make good choices; Chemicals in genetically modified foods have adverse reactions in the body. Animal’s studies show significant health problems that can lead ecological balance on the planet. Food consumption of genetically modified food can lead to serious illness.
Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are plants, animals, Virus, and bacteria that have gone thru a process where scientists have alter their DNA genes by the means of Genetic engineering. GMO are created by slicing DNA genes of living organisms combining them together to create a desire product. Genetic engineering of food is impossible to occur in nature. DNA is the Molecules found in cells of organism where genetic information is stored and Genes are the biological unit that determines an organism inherited characteristic. GMO companies are creating unnatural food products for consumption. On the other hand GMO Provides food growers to bring together wide range of living sources in a short period of time.
The FDA supports “voluntary” labeling for food derived from GMO it is not mandatory stating GMO food are no different from traditional farming. The Agency is currently considering labeling such food. The FDA sole and main purpose is to ensure the safety of human…

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