Food At The York Hill Cafeteria Essay

2655 Words Mar 11th, 2016 11 Pages
1. Averee has not had the smoothies that often, but claimed that she liked them because the fruit was fresh. The fruit may be fresh, but I feel that she also likes the smoothies because her boyfriend enjoys them so much. She is reminded of him while she has one. The fresh fruit also gives her extra energy to start her day. She has liked them so much that she even makes them at her home. She does not get all of the fruits that the cafeteria has, but can still make a great smoothie. Before going to sporting events, she wants food that is normally served at sports bars to be served at the York Hill cafeteria. I believe that she wants to feel that atmosphere of the Sports bar while she is eating her food at the cafeteria before the game. She could have great memories of eating that type of food with her family before going to a football game back home. When she goes to Eli’s, she can drink and have more fun with her friends than at the cafeteria. For her, it is all about the experience. She wants to have fun with her friends, and the cafeteria is more about getting the food you need and getting out. Eli’s has that exciting atmosphere and is loud. She loves hearing loud music while she is out with her friends. She also loves to dance, and the music may remind her of this.
2. Brayden loves the smoothie station. He also loves to talk to the lady who serves the smoothies. I believe that this adds to his experience of having the smoothies. He is always excited to go back because he…

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