Food and Wine Pairing in the Region of Italy Essay examples

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Introduction In ancient times, wine was continuously referred to and recognized throughout prehistoric civilizations and cultures such as: the Mesopotamian, Minoan, Greek, and Etruscan cultures (The Rich History of Italian Wine, 2012). During the evolution of wine (between 4000 and 3000 B.C.), Romans contributed greatly to the art of viniculture in Italy. Since ancient times, wine has been a significant aspect of Italian culture and was consumed regularly (The Rich History of Italian Wine, 2012). Today, Italy is portrayed through old world and new world wine production and styles, as the region of Italy has continuously been recognized internationally as a major wine-production area. Within this literature, assorted food elements …show more content…
Diverse styles of wine are produced throughout the region of Veneto, from the cooler, alpine-influenced climate wines in the northwest which produce fresh, crisp whites, dry whites and light reds, to the northeast area known for sparkling Prosecco, foaming spumante and semi-sparkling frizzante wines (Wine Searcher, 2012). The Veneto region is recognized as the first region in Italy to introduce a school for the art of vine growing and oenology (Wine Country, 2012). In addition, the Veneto region is the first region to constitute the strada Del vino or “wine road” which provided tourists and local citizens with information on the vines and wines of the Veneto region (Wine Country, 2012). For the purpose of this report, the white wine selected to represent the Veneto region include: Pinot Grigio delle Venezie Cesari Veneto 2010, Chardonnay "Venezie" Cesari Veneto 2010, Bianco delle Venezie Principe Veneto 2010, Garanega Soave "Montesei" Le Battistelle Veneto 2007, Bertani Pinot Grigio Velante Veneto 2010, Pra Soave Classico Veneto 2011 and Pinot Grigio Masi Masianco Veneto 2010. The red wine selected to represent the Veneto region include: Valpolicella Csari "Essere" Veona Veneto Italy 2010, Ripasso Valpolicella Delibori Veneto 2008, Amarone della Valpolicella Cantine Delibori Veneto 2007, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico "Zardini" Veneto Italy 2007 and

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