Essay about Food And Its Impact On Human Life

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Food has always been embedded into the culture of humanity. Everything else has fallen into place around it. For thousands of years, food has been more than a necessity to our species. Even before our diet affected the various aspects of our lives, it was the cause of our physical divergence in the evolutionary road, transforming us into the human species. If we think of history as an endless chain of cause and effects, the development of our diet was the initial cause for everything else that followed.
The history of our diet starts with homo erectus. Over time, homo erectus found a way to extract more energy from their food. According to Dr. Richard Wrangham’s claim, the “custom of cooking our food has not only changed our bodies over the years, giving us smaller mouths and smaller guts, he says it 's given us an evolutionary advantage: bigger brains, more time to use those brains and less time wasting time foraging and chewing all day long”. By using fire to cook, meats could be softened, and more nutrients were digested. This led to the ability for the species to develop a larger brain, an artery that takes a far greater amount of calories to sustain. As the brain size increased, body size decreased, highlighting the main difference between modern humans and our ape ancestors. This resulted in the loss of certain features, since we no longer needed such brawn to search for, eat, and digest food. The opportunity cost of our ancestor’s diet was sustaining a…

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