Food And Its Effects On Health And Food Safety Essay

1008 Words Dec 5th, 2015 null Page
Food is the cultivated byproduct of nature, essential to all living species. For thousands of years, people have continually discovered new ways to preserve, cook and improve culinary dishes. During industrialization, machinery and tools were constructed for the cutting, processing, and sanitization of meat. Nowadays in even more modern times, preservatives and chemicals have been added to improve flavor, maintain freshness, and extend shelf life. Some believe these advances have improved health and food safety. However, others argue that these new methods are potentially hazardous. Although, these culinary advances have been made, there have still been issues within the public. Some have been put at risk for food poisoning or have passed from a life threatening food allergy. In today’s world it would seem as if nothing could go wrong within the food industry, but it still does and food items are getting recalled more and more often. Clearly, food is regulated differently and production methods vary from country to country. Yet this is no excuse for the mishaps that happen during the production of food. There have been cases of mislabeling food products with “gluten free” when they weren’t. As minor as the mistake was, it had dire consequences. Therefore, food safety and regulation should not be taken lightly. Stronger precautionary measures should be taken to ensure the wellbeing of the public. Notably, some will insist that there is nothing wrong with the food industry.…

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