Employee Rewards Case Study

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Evaluating the situation where the manager changed the required hours to work in order to receive free food and drinks must be a tactic to punish employees for not working hard. What occurred after inventory had been conducted is the manager taking action because he won’t receive his bonus due to the high percentage (p.W-107). Raising the hours employees have to work before receiving food and drinks is an extrinsic reward being taken away, which may discourage employees since they’re accustomed to receiving the original benefits preceding the change (p.W-107). Another negative is having one manager, one assistant manager, and two to five night managers which seems like a lot for one business where conflict may arise (p.W-106). Working for this …show more content…
According to an article in business journal, key elements such as communication, professionalism, management style, training, recognition, and fun is essential between motivating employees to complete assignments which can ensure success for a business (Blasingame, 2015). There are pay for performance motivations such as employee value proposition, intrinsic reward, extrinsic reward, performance contingent pay, merit pay, bonus, gain sharing, profit sharing, stock option, employee stock option plan (ESOP) and skills based pay that employers can offer employees based on certain criteria’s (p121-p124). Perfect Pizzeria can utilize some of these pay for performance by offering incentives to employees where they will be motivated to work harder which can enhance productivity. When pay functions well, it can help an organization attract and retain highly capable workers (p121). Since employees are part-time, the company can offer one week vacation with pay to workers who have perfect attendance and earn employee of the year which is employee value proposition. Performance contingent pay states that employees earn more when they produce more, so if Perfect Pizzeria incorporated this plan for workers who sell the most pizza pies in a month, they get a cash bonus of $100 which can boost job morale (p121). Merit pay links an individual salary or wage increase directly to measure performance accomplishment during a specific time period (p122). Employees can be offered merit pay if they reach certain sales quotas where they’re entitled to a certain percentage based on productivity. Stock options give the right to purchase shares at a fixed price in the future, meaning that employees who invest in stock can profit when the stock increases. Skills based

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