Food And Beverage Managers Are Responsible For The Overall Estabilishment Of A Restaurant

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My ultimate goal I would like to achieve is to be a food and beverage manager or director. To get to this goal I would have to have certain skills, experience and abilities. Food and Beverage managers are responsible for the overall estabilishment of a restaurant. The food and beverage manager hires staff, purchases food for the restaurant, trains staff and makes sure everyone working in the estabilishment has thorough knowledge about proper food preparation, sanitation as well as understanding health safety standards.

To reach my ultimate goal as a food and beverage manager, I would require certain skills, experience and abilities. Food and Beverage managers require communication skills. They have to be able to provide proper customer service and have to be able to interact with customers, being cordial and polite so that customers return. Another skill they require would be to have attention to detail. They need to pay attention to every detail of the estabilishment such as food standards, food costs, health and safety and so on. Food and Beverage managers should have good leadership skills. They should be able to rally their teams to get the job done as well as resolve conflicts. Management skills are crucial. Not only does a food and beverage manager deal with food but other elements of the establishment as well such as costs, pricing, creating work schedules and much more. Organizational skills are also important. Organizing workers, making schedules is all…

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