Food And Beverage Management Case Study

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1) Introduction: The role of the food and beverage manager In restaurants, the food and beverage managers take charge and lead from the front of the house and also the kitchens. The restaurants overall operations, which the manager is responsible for, the manager also hires employees, buys all the stock, food and drinks for what is required, and also they always check and ensure that the staff is to teach, educate and up skill on how to prepare food properly, the correct and legal way to provide and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, also provide kitchen safety proficiency and also have to recognize and have a understanding level of health standards. They always ensure that the business is well represented rightly and properly, …show more content…
• Having communication skill- The manager needs to correctly also simply to be able to have a level of speaking quality and interact with staff and customers whilst speaking clearly and professionally. Use specific tones where it is needed.
• Having stamina- The manager has to be able expect days where there will be long hours, they need to be able effectively and efficiently throughout the duration with maximum effort.

3) The constraints that affect food and beverage managers in their job, such as customer expectations or product life span. And how food and beverage managers can respond to and mitigate these constraints
For instance someone has party outside, your staff brings out food and it gets cold on the tables, the manager should heat up the food and not give out cold food. The manager can’t say that the food is fresh where it is actually frozen. Give out complimentary items if there is issue with customers regarding food or
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To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff by having rosters to share out responsibility amongst staff, ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. The manager can always thank each guest after they finished their meals and to also say it was a great opportunity to serve them and look forward to serving you again. To provide top quality and astonishing beverages and meals. Need to meet customer quality standards by giving meals and beverages of the highest calibre with fresh, seasonal style of cooking which will give a innovative modern image.

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