Food Allergies : No Latex Allergy Essay

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Mrs. Garcia is a 45-year-old patient who came to the office with a complaint of left knee pain of one-day duration. Mrs. Garcia was in her usual state of health until yesterday when she developed a left knee pain while playing kickball. Complaints of sudden onset of pain and swelling over the left knee joint as well as locking and painful popping. The onset of pain was secondary to a twisting injury and followed by a give away weakness. Upon awaking this morning her left knee was swollen, stiff and tender with a mild amount of redness. The knee started to hurt her, which is worse while climbing the stairs; she rates the pain as 8/10 with 10 being the worst pain. The knee pain is slightly relieved by keeping the leg elevated and applying ice on the knee, and also from two ibuprofens.

Allergies. Food allergies: No food allergies. Drugs or medication allergies: No allergies to medicines. Chemical allergies: None. Environmental allergies: None. Latex: No latex allergy
Current Medications: No prescription medications, recent use of Ibuprofen 200mg tab every four hours for knee pain, last used this morning 2tabs at 9 am with slight relief. No herbal intake.
Habits. Tobacco: Never smoked, Alcohol: Never had alcohol, Drugs: Never tried illegal drugs.

The Past Health History
Childhood Illnesses: Measles at the age of 10, no scarlet fever or rheumatic fever, rubella, mums, whooping cough, chicken pox, and polio. Problems at birth: No reported problems
Adult illnesses (physical,…

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