Essay about Food Alcohol : Cultural Traditions And Social Lifestyles

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Reasons for particular ethnicities to consume alcohol are characterized by cultural traditions and social lifestyles. In 2008-2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) for its Global Alcohol Database conducted a Global Survey on Alcohol and Health and found that the highest consumption of alcohol per person above the age of 15 was found in the European Region (EURO) at 12.2. This is mostly due to the historic diet and lifestyle of the region (WHO, 2008)[6]. The European region has always had a long history of alcohol consumption especially due to many countries in the European union facing several wars in their lifetime alcohol consumption was necessary to keep many soldiers and their families going during periods of warfare. Some of the highest per capita consumption of alcohol was found in countries such as Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Switzerland (Hanson)[3]. The second highest consumption per capita at 8.7 was found in the Region of Americas (AMRO), North and South America, which contain a high population of Hispanics compared to the rest of the world. In the Region of Americas mainly North America, “dry culture” is more prominent where instead of including drinks regularly in meals there is actually strict regulation of alcohol consumption, and these populations exhibit heavy drinking at one time (Bloomfield et al, 2003)[5]. Both the European and Region of Americas have shown a 20% increase in alcohol…

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