Essay on Food Advertising And Childhood Obesity

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Ashton, David. “Food Advertising and Childhood Obesity.” Journal Of The Royal Society Of Medicine. 97. February (2004): 51-52. Print. This article explains how food advertisement has direct relation to children’s obesity. The first study they discovered that parents have 15 time more effect on children’s obesity. The second study discovered that by obesity and food intake has made children half as active as they were 50 years ago. It’s actually calculated that kids burn about 600 calories way less than they did 50 years ago also. This source is reliable because it come from a yearly medicine journal. The writer David Ashton practices Epidemiology and Cardiac Medicine. To write this editorial he used 16 references, which include 16 writers that study obesity. This editorial was written in 2004, which doesn’t make it to out of date, since advertisement become popular in the late 90’s. This is works in my paper because I can use the case studies to demonstrate that obesity is more than just making people sicker but it’s actually a chain that starts slow but progresses.

Cezar, Aleathia "The Effects of Television Food Advertising on Childhood Obesity," Nevada Journal of Public Health: Vol. 5: Iss.1, Article 2. Print. The article explains how children sit in front of the television to watch television where they bombard by television advertisement, but as the years are going by there has been increase in how much television kids watch a day. So now that they watch more…

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