Food Advertisements Have A Negative Impact On Adolescents Essay

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Food advertisements have a negative impact on adolescents. Food ads have a way to manipulate children and adults by presenting a good feeling towards their product. Advertisements like to manipulate the body into believing it needs more food leading it into the "hedonic hunger" stage. Persuading parents into believing they should eat what other people eat is one of many things food ads do to manipulate people into buying their product. A major epidemic caused by poor foods ads is children obesity, which has increased throughout the years. Without a serious change in the unhealthy food ads, that are mainly directed towards children, the crisis will never be resolved. Food companies try to get the attention of adolescents because statistically it 'll increase the chances their product will be sold. Advertisements towards adolescents are often unhealthy foods, yet companies usually direct them in the direction of children. Children are part of negatively impacting themselves, although sometimes it puts pressure on the parents to buy unhealthy foods. Food industries need to self-regulate what they are putting on the air for young children to see by regulating the ad or banning it completely.
Food Advertisements are manipulating adolescents and adults. Food companies influence purchasers to buy their products by giving off a beneficial feelings towards their product. Stated by Jennifer L. Harris and Samantha K. Graff vendors found an efficient way to advise customers by opening…

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