Essay on Fomite Transmission

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Fomite Transmission

For infections to spread three elements are required. The first being a way to cause infection or source to cause infection. This can be from organisms in your body or by entering through a portal of entry like a cut or break in the skin. Organisms can also enter through your respiratory tract. Next there has to be a susceptible host. Meaning that a person or animal is not able to fight off the organism. The last element required is transmission of the infection to the susceptible host. The organism is stronger than the host so infection occurs. To stop the spread of infection all 3 elements must be present. So the key to prevent is breaking the chain and making sure one of these elements are stopped or not
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The most growth came from my keyboard. Yes even more growth than the toilet or keyboard. So yes I was surprised. The growth was white/yellow in color and was raised. It was all connected and looked almost like white lines in the color circle of growth. I tested my front door knob. The color appeared light brown and was smooth also. A smaller circle that the outline was defined. The remote had areas raised in the plate but the color appear close to the media being used. I did not notice any bubbles in the media before using it for experiment so I feel this was some kind of growth that appear raised and small in size. The shoe I tested had five circles connected and yellowish/brown in color. Also a small amount of white was visible. Some of the circles where larger in size and some raised more than others but all was the same color. The faucet I tested was from my kitchen. I was surprised to see again the see white and makes me want to be able to identify this white growth and what microbe it could be since I have seen a lot of it in this experiment. No other color was noted and only one colony was observed. The last thing I tested was the bar I hold on the treadmill not to mention my children also touch this bar playing around on the treadmill also. There was again a small white patch and very small circle thats was yellow in color at the side of this section. The yellow was completely round almost like a drop of liquid that was placed from a dropper but very small

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