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Followers of Christ need to expect to live out of their comfort, world life and, set fourth the works of the Father. People tend to wear the label of Christianity, proclaiming their faith yet, staying put in the world, tending to only themselves. The books in the Bible of James and Colossians each describe the trials, faults, and temptations Christians would face in order to live by His name. Also the books say that the Lord 's unconditional love is needed to be returned to others through love and service. Followers of God 's word need to help bring the world closer to the Father by doing His works.
The letter written by Paul to James, a servant of God, was meant to instruct how possessing true faith has the inevitable trails that come with
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The people can not bear the fruit of Christ if Christ does not have followers who want to plant the seeds. The Lord, our savior, delivered us from the darkness of sin into the light and, we need to give thanks to the Father for His love. Christ is the son of God and in Colossians, He is declared to be "before all things, and in him all things hold together." He is the reason our evil deeds are reconciled and, the reason we are given the chance of eternal life. The least we can do for Christ is to be stable and steadfast in our faith. Our fellowship and soul needs to be alive for, Christ is alive in is. The world will try to stop us from living for Him but our faith should not allow the withering of our strength. The peace of Christ needs to dwell in us and, our hearts need to be ever forgiving, The word of God is living so it may reside in our hearts and mind so we can teach on e another about the greatness of the Lord. The book of Colossians declares the need for us, as followers, to do everything in the name of Jesus. The people need to listen to the instructions of the Lord and not just obey to the extent of people pleasing and self …show more content…
We tend to lie to ourselves and exchange our lie for the truth proclaiming how good of a Christian we are. Activity in the name of Christ is a away that can greatly further our faith. The walk of faith is complex and difficult but so was Christ 's sacrifice. We may believe in him but what good does belief if we do not act. Engaging in Christian services brings us to understand the radical character of Jesus through love. We need to hold onto Christ with one hand and reach out to the world with the other with. Followers of Christ live in a world of pain that desperately needs our help to present the love of Christ to help heal the wounded world. If we do not act how can that be healed? Our works can be a source of hole foe one who is lost in the darkness. Christian s who remain in the comfort of their lives an desolate themselves form the troubles of the world remain stagnant, going no where. We need to let the light from Jesus shine whithin us through our deeds and praise to the

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