Follower, By Seamus Heaney Essays

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Seamus Heaney’s poem, Follower, focuses particularly on his love and admiration for his father as he sees him as this god like figure at a young age. It illustrates the key themes that can be identified throughout the anthology such as childhood, memories, identity, personal experiences, growth and change throughout time. His poems often have a reminiscent tone, and there is a clear established link that his surroundings and upbringing within a rural area have impacted majorly on his work.
In Follower, we are given a clear insight into a memory of Heaney’s childhood and own personal identity. We see the naturally skilled nature of his father (which is also identified in Digging), shown in the opening stanza where his power and authority over the farm is characterised. The simile ‘his shoulders globed like a full sail strung between the shafts and the furrow’ emphasises how powerful he appeared to Heaney as he was a child through the use of imagery. As a sail manages to move a ship, Heaney’s father is what manages to move him. It could also be said that Heaney’s father is what keeps the farm functioning. He could control horses purely with his ‘clicking tongue’; this shows his authority on the farm as he was described as an ‘expert’ very simply in the second stanza. This is what makes him an admirable figure to Heaney. It also shows contrast between his father and himself, as his father worked naturally on the farm with ease, Heaney struggled. We see that in the fourth…

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