Charles Perrault's American Little Red Riding Hood

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The Culture Within the Folk Tale There have been thousands of Folk Tales told over the centuries. According to Debbie Reese, an assistant professor in American Indian Studies at the University of Illinois, in her article “Proceed with Caution: Using Native American Folktales in the Classroom” she discusses the importance of Folk Tales. Although most Folk Tales seem to be about entertainment, Reese explains how for thousands of years Folk Tales have been used to help carry on different cultural values and the culture’s morality (245). Several have heard of the famous story Little Red Riding Hood, the variation of the folk tale depends on where origin of the story is. The story Little Red Riding Hood has been told in several different ways. Isabelle C. Chang wrote “The Chinese Red Riding Hoods” which has several major differences compared to Charles Perrault’s American “Little Red Riding Hood”. Although these stories have the same baseline the cultural influences are what make the stories so unique. …show more content…
Before the mother left, she demanded that the children lock the door do not open it for anyone. Unfortunately, the three girls did not listen and the Wolf disguised as their Grandmother came into the house. Once the girls realized the grandmother figure in their house was a wolf, they had to sneak out of their house without letting the wolf know they knew he was not their real grandmother. At the end the three sisters were able to climb up a gingko nut tree and trick the wolf into trying to climb up as well, and they killed him (Chang

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