Essay about Folk Meaning People And -lore Meaning Stories

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Folklore, folk meaning people and –lore meaning stories, can derive from many different accepts ranging from music, dance, food, stories (written and oral), traditions, and many others. Folklore can give symbolic meaning to one’s life. In the case of Marybeth Harper, she is one who deals everyday in the practice of folklore by cooking all different types of food. Food is the burning fuel that makes her much as part of Folklore as any one else. From growing it, to cooking it, and sharing recipes, food, for Marybeth Harper, is symbolic in which the way she cares for the people she loves, family and friends; to the care she shows for others. Marybeth Harper interview connects to crucial topics talked about in the text read in class. This paper will focus on Marybeth hobby of making different fruit Marmalades and her role in feeding the hungry; and how it ties to the ideas of the Kitchen Space, Food as Knowledge, comparison to Curendarismo, and a food creation as being an art.
Marybeth did not always know how to cook. She was born, adopted, and raised in El Paso, Texas which is enriched with Mexican-American Folklore. However, her adopted mother was not the one who taught her the art of cooking. She gives credit to the person who did teach her how to cook, her ex-mother in-law (her name was not shared to us). In the book Voices in the Kitchen, the kitchen “can represent an of multiple changing levels and degrees of freedom, self awareness, subjectivity, and agency. The social…

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