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Students will complete a seminar ticket prior to entering the classroom for the seminar. The seminar ticket consists of 3 questions that students need to answer based on the text and I will be checking off the tickets as students are arriving into the class. This ticket lets me know that the students read the text prior to entering the classroom and has some recollection of the question they have about the text and their own opinions and values on the text itself. The ticket also lets me know as the teacher that the students have come prepared and can start the seminar right away. If a student does not have a ticket prior to entering the class, they will not be able to participate in the discussion.
Formative (informal) assessment- After 30 minutes give or take, the students will complete a foldable about the seminar so far. The
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After the students have completed the seminar and the reflection paper, we would have a day of exploration. Students would select a few books, the books can either be from the school library, a local library or books that they have in their households. While the students are exploring more legends, they will come across words to add to our word wall and from there we will be doing a project. The project is called a “placemat activity” This is where a group of four will find a legend that they like the best and each student will find a word they don’t know within the legend and create the place mat. The placemat will have a circle in the middle with the name of the legend, then it will be divide up into fourths and from there each student will; define their word, use their word in a sentence and draw a picture of the word. The team will provide a brief summary of the legend, present their words and each students’ word will be added to the word wall. The words on the word wall will be used in future assignments like quizzes and spelling

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