Essay about Fog of War Film Analysis

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The Fog of War Analysis

Nearly 160 million people were killed during the 20th century, and film maker Errol Morris wished to show the reason for this in documentary form. He interviewed former US secretary of Defense Arnold McNamara and the two discussed and analyzed some defining moments in US history, thus "The Fog of War" was made. The movie was set up in 11 lessons. However, I only found three to be completely reasonable. The first lesson that is highlighted in Morris' film is that which says to empathize with your enemy-Vietnam was used to highlight this point. On the individual level of analysis, our mind set during the war was called into question. Morris argues that we did not empathize with our enemy or allies, South
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At the last minute, the Soviets agreed to back out and the US agreed to not attack Cuba. Morris attributed all this to dumb luck. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was used to illustrate a third point in "Fog of War"-believing and seeing are often wrong. On the individual level of analysis, the movie discussed President Johnson's need for congress to find a resolution that would endorse the growing involvement of the United States in Vietnam. This also shows the domestic side of analyzation being that it was an election year for Johnson who wanted to appear as stern as his competitor in fighting communism, thus forcing him to make a resolution. In 1964, the United States had radar readings that indicated an attack-their second. The movie shows that there was no gunfire heard nor were any boats seen, yet the US ships retaliated. The movie shows the possibility of it being an attack was very slim. On the individual level of analysis, the movie showed that President Johnson went straight to the congress for retaliation rather than investigate the validity of the second attack. On the domestic level, the president went directly to the American people, via television, to stress that a second attack on American troops was not acceptable and sent a resolution to congress. On the interstate level the movie highlights the United States' harsh warning to North

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