Focus Groups Are A Good Tool For Exploratory Research Essay

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Focus groups interviewing refers to a method in which a number of people are brought together in a control setting, to be interviewed together as a group. For this method to become a successful study, one needs to be able to listen, think, and talk almost at the same time. Focus groups are a good tool for exploratory research, however, as is the case in most studies, these qualitative interviews may later be combined with quantitative techniques in order to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Furthermore, focus groups can be very effective in helping researchers gain insights while conducting studies with participants of different upbringings and cultures.
Focus group interviewing, similar to a qualitative one to one interviews are relatively flexible. The conversation is led by a mediator in order to facilitate the discussion, and make sure everyone in the group participates. The mediator does as little as possible to intervene and does not insert their own feelings and opinions to the group as that would be a counterproductive action. For the reason being, that the way an interviewer asks questions can subtly bias the answers received. Babie and Benaquisto (342) use the example of questioning participants in a protest for research purposes. They conclude that when general questions regarding what lead students to take part in this demonstration would allow for a more accurate qualitative interview. As an alternative to probing a participant with questions regarding…

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