Focus Group Essay

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Professor Wohn
IS 375-001 Designing the User Experience
12 November 2014



For the transcription, I went with the INTERMEDIATE OPTION where I only recorded the important sections. There were a few moments during the study where the conversation got a little off topic. Those parts are not included in the transcription below. Also, the conversation was very informal, so I did my best to make everyones words sound more proper without changing the meaning of their statements.

*General Introduction and briefing*

Is health important to you? * General consensus is yes, of course health is important (no one chose to elaborate)

How often do you think about your health? * All the
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Harauld, I know that you don’t really workout anymore, but do you think that using a fitness tracker of some sort would encourage you to get back into the gym? * Yea I guess it’s good to be able to track your workout and your progress, but I still don’t see myself using it * Same here

Why do you feel that way? Elaborate a little * It just seems too tedious to record everything you do all day * Yup I don’t want to have to log into my phone every time I eat something, it just seems annoying * But dude it helps to keep you on track * I think that someone who is trying to get into working out will actually benefit from a product like this more than anyone else

Good point Jose, can you go a little further with that thought? * Well in my experience, it was really hard to get into working out. You’re really sore in the beginning and you will think of any excuse to skip the gym when you're sore. But if you had a device like this which pretty much has you on a workout schedule, I think you would be more likely to fight through it and keep going. * Yea I agree, it’s almost a form of motivation. You get out what you put into it.

That’s a great way to think about it. This has been an insightful conversation with you guys. I’ve definitely learned a lot and it was nice to get a real perspective on this subject. Thanks for your time.


Focus Groups are a great opportunity to gain true, honest

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