Essay on Fluency And Vocabulary Instruction And Assessment

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Checkpoint 2:Fluency and Vocabulary Instruction and Assessment
Grade Level: 2nd Grade
Instructional Group: Grade Level Group needing Substantial Scaffolding

Instructional Text Level Range: DRA 16-DRA 24
DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency Scores Range: 25 CWPM - 46 CWPM

Strengths and Weakness: Students in this group are learning at grade level, but require extra emphasis on explanation. When teaching make sure the explanations and modeling are repeated multiple times. This lesson focuses on teacher modeling and guided practice, which will help this group understand the strategies being taught. At the beginning of every lesson have students go over previous skills to make sure they have been exposed to the skills multiple times. Rereading the text will benefit these students because the more exposure they have to a text the more fluent these students will become with the text. This group works will in small groups for pairs, so being split up in small groups will benefit these students. When teaching vocabulary multisyllabic words will be a weakness these students have. This lesson focuses on strategies students can use when they come across words that they do not know the meaning of. Before doing the lesson go over decoding strategies with these students, so when they come across multi-syllabic words they will be able to decode them. This will teach students how to decode difficult words in their individual texts. Multi-syllabic words are words with more than one syllable.…

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