Flu Virus Is The Best Protection Against It Essay example

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The flu virus is a very common illness that has plagued the world in past years. Every year many people contract the virus and it seems to spread relatively quickly. The flu virus is spread by coughing and sneezing or being too near a person with the flu virus. The symptoms of the flu are often unpleasant for those who have to suffer through them, but the illness can be much more dangerous than most people realize. Many people do not feel that the flu vaccination is very effective, and consequently choose not to arm their immune system with the vaccination before the first wave of flu virus hits each year. While there are problems with finding an effective flu vaccine it is necessary. The flu virus is a constantly changing and dangerous virus, and the flu vaccine is the best protection against it.
The flu virus is a very dangerous disease that should be taken seriously. Each year, anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of the population contracts the flu("What You Should Know"). Twenty percent of a population is decently sized portion considering there is currently a vaccination used to combat the flu virus. The flu is usually only a discomfort, but it can be much worse, even deadly. It kills thousands of people, hospitalizes thousands of others, and costs the US government billions of dollars (Nyhan and Reifler 2015). There is a bleak impression regarding the flu virus, but there is a vaccine for it but many people do not get vaccinated for the flu virus. There are many different…

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