Flowers Swot Analysis Essay

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Q4 - OE_Strengths
What do you see as Flowers’ particular strengths?
"The consistency of the operating model from an overall perspective. We’re talking bread-related products. There’s not a whole lot of reason for differentiation. They’ve been reasonably good acquisitors over time and they have a fairly consistent model. They don’t get the word out particularly well at times."
Q5 - OE_Weaknesses
What do you see as Flowers’ particular weaknesses?
"They try to be extremely conservative overall when they talk with the Street and they should. There’s not a lot of analysts that follow the stock overall so many times they’re not quite understanding the picture and the name of the business. From an overall standpoint, it’s an expanding footprint. We’re talking
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scale]. That’s a loaded question because that depends on execution of a number of things. They have potential for that so if you want to rank potential that’s one thing. If you want to rank where they’ve been they are probably a 4."
Q7 - OE_StrategyElements
What are the main elements of management’s business strategy?
"What I’ve heard out of them consistently and then their presentations is they have a definable process for production that they continue to work on margins which are predicated on commodity cost for the most part and incidental costs associated with production. They try to do the best they can without pricing themselves out of the market when it comes to that and then they try to complement it all by acquisition roll ups of small size small bakeries around the country. It seems to be working pretty good for them."
Q8 - OE_AspectsOfStrategyThatRepresentBiggestOpportunities
What aspects of the strategy do you believe represent the biggest opportunities for Flowers?
"Continuing the consolidation effort. They don’t have the ability to control commodity pricing and you can only control production so much so their ability to grow is going to be limited to how many acquisitions they can

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