Florida Esol Educators Should Be Familiarized With Important Concept Of The Hispanic Culture

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Florida ESOL educators should be familiarized with important concept of the Hispanic culture. “The more you learn about where your students come from, the easier your job will become” (Mora, 2007). The Hispanic culture is one of the highest population in an ESOL community. Many students come from this background. Educators should learn the culture in order to be able to help their students. It is important for educators to be aware of key concepts about students who come from the Hispanic culture.

It is essential for Florida educators to become aware of the Hispanic culture’s behavior and customs. The more knowledge the instructor gain in this area the more they will be able to help the students. They will be able to understand why children behave in certain ways. It is significant for educators to talk to the parents about the child’s behavior. “Teachers that are not aware of these aspects of this cultures should make an effort to become familiar with the different types of communication styles of this community in order to better understand their
Hispanic students, and to make it easier for their ESOL students to understand what the teacher is saying” (Jimenez, 2006). Educators should know the Hispanic customs to help the children.

In addition, it is important for educators to know of etiquette rules. “Educators should become knowledgeable of some of the Hispanic etiquette rules so that they can properly greet and converse with the parents of Hispanic…

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