Florida Consent Decree Essay

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The Florida Consent Decree is an agreement between the Florida Board of Education and Multicultural Education, Training, and Advocacy, INC (META), who represented a coalition of eight groups that included League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) following a legal dispute over noncompliance of state and federal laws to provide an appropriate education to Limited English Proficient (LEP) students by the Florida Board of Education. The FCD was signed in 1990 by a United States District Court judge from the Southern District of Florida to give the courts the power to enforce the decree. It ensures that Florida follows state and federal laws regarding the rights and education of LEP students, so that these students receive an appropriate …show more content…
The group believed that without the FCD LEP students could face discrimination and not have the opportunities to learn and succeed in school. They felt that the FCD provides these students with the proper education opportunities. When reviewing the original document, the group found it to be full of legal jargon making it hard to read and understand. They also found it to be long and repetitive. Unfortunately, the group was able to find several problems with implemention of the decree. The group thought that even though the decree exists there will be administrators that do not implement it fully or do not provide the best programs to match the students’ needs. They also thought that it would be possible for the teachers to not be fully trained or given the proper tools to teach their LEP students. This included teachers not working to get their English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsements prior to being hired, so that they have to rely on training from the district. Another problem that the group thought of was the lack of parental education on the FCD. Parents of LEP students, who are not aware of it and the programs it provides, are not able to make sure that the school is enforcing the decree and providing their students with the programs. The group was in agreement that although the decree is definitely needed there are many problems that could happen during

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