Florida And North Carolina Stem Schools Essay

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Evidence Data analysis revealed that the majority of Florida STEM schools possessed student populations that included considerable fewer students with low English language proficiency and students receiving free or reduced lunch than non-STEM schools (Hansen, 2014, Table 2). Contrastly, North Carolina STEM schools populations consisted of more minority students than their non-STEM counterparts (Hansen, 2014, Table 2). In both Florida and North Carolina the vast majority STEM schools were high schools or other grade configurations (Hansen, 2014, Table 2). Florida STEM schools presented with higher rates of meeting AYP than non-STEM schools across the state. North Carolina data reveals that lower rates of meeting AYP in STEM schools than non-STEM schools (Hansen, 2014, Table 2). A higher percentage of magnet and charter schools were recognized among STEM schools in Florida and North Carolina. Teachers in Florida STEM schools were less likely to be certified while North Carolina teachers in STEM schools were more likely to be certified (Hansen, 2014, Table 2). Attendance in STEM schools had a positive correlation with participation in advanced, core, and vocational/technical STEM courses in Florida and North Carolina (Hansen, 2014, Table 2). STEM school enrollment correlated with reduced mobility in all settings evaluated except North Carolina Elementary Schools (Hansen, 2014, Table 2). Overall, the percentage of students attending STEM schools was significantly low in both…

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