Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University Essay

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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University(FAMU) is listed as one of the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCU) in the nation. For years, FAMU has held a great reputation and foundation for all HBCU’s. Recently, FAMU has just moved up from the number ten spot to the number seven spot in National Rankings. I know all of this sounds good, but do people really know what is going on inside the campus or should I say inside the students’ minds? There have been multiple cases over the past years, where students complain about their voices not being heard. This may sound like a typical student body issue, but it is not because every decision the school makes affects the students the most. Students should be able to voice their opinions and concerns about topics that affect them academically, socially and personally.

Recently, FAMU has just let go of our current, now past, president. President Magnum was the first African-American female president which meant a lot to many students here on campus, especially young women. President Magnum took office on April 1, 2014, and was forced to step down September 2016. Before I came to FAMU and even when I got here, I did not hear anything bad about the president until September when it was time to step down. Upperclassmen should know, but they were just confused as the freshman. As a freshman, I would think that they would let the president go before the school year started or after it ended and not in the middle…

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