Florianne Essay

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At some point in life everyone breaks away from one another. When someone leaves you behind it can create emptiness and loneliness and it will always be easier for some than for others to handle the feelings that can occur. The short story Florianne by Daniel Woodrell is a fascinating story showing, from a father’s perspective, what a father goes through when his daughter becomes a teenager.
On the surface Florianne is about a father, Henry, being upset because his daughter, Florianne, is missing. He worries that someone has taken his daughter. Throughout the story he tries to find her and is constantly suspecting everyone around him to have kidnapped her (p.40, l.21). The narrator is being worried about his daughter and blames
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The first person narrator is present in the story and we hear the story from his point of view. A first person narrator is authentic and easy to identify yourself in. He has some problems that are common for many people, for example he misses his daughter and feels lonely without her.
It is a male narrator who lives in the country. He works in a grocery store and it seems that he was very kind and helpful: “I might have given him credit at the store, let his tab ride till next Friday or the one after, carried groceries to the car for his wife […]” (p.39,l.3). He describes himself as willing to help, but the words “might have” suggest that he regrets his kindness. He seems unsatisfied with the fact that he might have helped the potential ‘kidnapper’.
If the story was told by another type of narrator it would have influenced the story. There is an one-sidedly perspective on this story told from a male narrator in first person. If the story was told from another angle, for instance an omniscient narrator there could have been several perspectives. If the story had included the daughter’s perspective, her feelings and thoughts, it would perhaps be easier for teenagers to identify with. Florianne, which is the title of the story, means flower. In the end of the story the father describes that his daughter has been through a bodily change. She started off being chubby, but then she began eating healthier and get a

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