Florence Nora Allen: A Short Story

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Florence Nora Allen

“it will literally change everything we've ever known for science ” Flo heard her brother speak to his best friend

“ is he doing thing where he's not speaking in English again ?” Florence asked as she walked into her brother's office Barry and iris Turn their heads too see Little Allen standing there with a big smile on her face.

“ hey Flo !” Barry and Iris greeted the young Allen.

“ I thought you were supposed to be at STAR labs all day?” Barry asked

“ I wanted to come visit my brother dearest before tonight ” the young Allen answered

Barry Allen smiled at his baby sister “ I'm very proud of you Flo if mom and dad were here they would have too ” Barry said

It was Florence turn to smile Ever since she was
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Florence felt her phone vibrate it was a text message from Ronnie Her best friend telling her to come back to STAR labs

“ I think the Mardon brothers are hiding in a barn ” Barry spoke giving the results to Joe as they discuss the recent robbery attack.

“ well I gotta go Cisco and Ronnie need me back for a last minute check up on the Particle Accelerator you guys are coming right ?” Florence asked

Barry looked at her before looking back at Joe with pleading eyes “ please dad! Barry Figured your poop problem ” Iris Begged her father Florence gave Her famous puppy dog eyes “ fine go get out of here ” Joe sigh Barry Grind as he watched the two girls kiss joes Cheek before Grabbing his Jacket and left with his sister and best friend.

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