Nursing Education Research Paper

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Nursing has been a reputable profession since the days of Florence Nightengale. Ms. Nightengale is considered the Pioneer of Modern Day Nursing. She saw not just the illness that needed to be healed, but the whole person: including the “emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects” of the person. Starting with cleanliness, nurses care for all aspects of the patient and have made the patients feel “whole” again. Even though Florence Nightengale is not the only nursing theorist, she is possibly the best known to the whole world. There are different levels of nursing, with the Registered Nurse being the most popular level for the profession. The State Board of Nursing for each state control the actions of each level of Nursing Licensure and …show more content…
With an Associate’s Degree, offered by community and junior colleges, it takes about two to three years to complete. All RN takes the same State Board licensure test and holds the same legal licensure. Associate Degree nurses hold the same jobs and take on the same job responsibilities as Bachelor Degree Nurses. Diploma programs for registered nurses take about two to three years to complete. Diploma Nurses are limited to work in clinics, physicians’ offices, or hospitals. Diploma programs are administered in a hospital and usually licensed graduates qualify for the entry-level positions. Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will take about four years to complete, and is offered by universities and colleges. The students in this course get a broader education. The courses range anywhere from anatomy to pharmacology and even public health. The students must first work under a Registered Nurse where they must provide proper patient care in order to pass a national licensing examination. This test is known as the National Council Licensure Examination. Depending on the state, some candidates may have to meet other …show more content…
Hospital based nursing can lead you to the surgical suite or to the surgical floor after the patient has completed surgery. Medical nursing involves caring for patients with chronic medical problems or acute medical problems such as pneumonia or blood clots. Then you have the Emergency Room, where the nurse never knows what will be coming through the door. Special Procedures in the radiology department find the nurse assisting Radiologist or Specialists from procedures such as Cardiac catherizations to Arteriograms to Stereotactic breast biopsies. Of course, after each of these procedures, the nurse cares for the “whole’ patient and not just the surgical site. All of the above are positions that provide hands on care to the customers. There are nursing jobs that require a nursing licensure but require no hands on

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