Flight Is A Successful Flight

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In my line of work it is said that a boring flight is a successful flight. On any given day I successfully conclude three or four flights before I arrive at the hotel and close the door and just chuck my flight bag to one side of the room and call it a day. Now keep in mind that I can successfully complete dozens of flights without any incident but when things happen the situation becomes critical on a moments notice. This particular day I was supposed to fly from Phoenix Sky Harbor to Ontario California. The day began just like any other day where I arrived at the aircraft, started by looking through the flight maintenance logs to verify for legalities, along with briefing the crew and finishing off with a preflight check. Just like any other …show more content…
This is the system that displays the amount of fuel consumed along with the amount of fuel remaining in all of the fuel cells of the aircraft. We both knew that there was plenty of fuel on board to make the flights successfully to Ontario California however, we did not feel that it was safe for us to continue any further. Certainly the notification does not pass without some serious thought. At this point we are halfway through our flight and reaching an altitude of 32,000 feet. It certainly goes without saying that training and repetition has its merit. As we both quickly fling into action, it was quickly decided that I would take the controls and communicate on the radios as my partner would try to rectify the situation. By now we both have decided that it was in the best interest of the safety of the flight to discontinue and turn around to come back to Phoenix Sky …show more content…
Pilot monitors take the role of a certain assistant in that they do everything that the flying pilot cannot accomplish. You see each of us have a set of responsibilities tasks to accomplish at any given point in time. The so-called pilot flying, their responsibility is solely to fly the airplane. The pilot monitoring is there to run the checklist communicate on the radio and certainly double check the system along with the pilot flying.

We arrived at sky Harbor not morning 10 minutes after this whole situation started. As we pulled into the gate maintenance was already waiting for us with a replacement Computer module that ended up being the problem. The problem was fixed and we were shortly on our way back to Ontario California. It goes without saying that teamwork and Quick decision-making resulted in a successful and certainly “boring” flight for that

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