Flight 209 : Cause And Effect Essay

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“Flight 209 has been delayed due to in climate weather. A status report will be updated shortly.” I sighed and peeked down at my phone for the time… I thought to myself great, three hours delayed now. I stared out to the runway trying to keep myself in good spirits, but I found it hard since all I wanted to do was see my family with only having a three-day leave to do so and I hadn’t been home for a few months due to being deployed over in Guam. On top of that, I already had a seven-hour flight from Guam to Honolulu with a four-hour layover there. Plus, a five-hour flight to San Francisco with yet another layover. This layover, however, had now turned from an hour layover to a four-hour layover due to severe thunderstorms in Colorado.
“Sir,” A man’s voice startled me and brought me back to the stale air aroma of the airport that I had been in for the past four hours. “Sorry to bother you, I just noticed that you’ve been sitting on the ground for quite some time now and I wanted to offer you a chair so you’re not as uncomfortable.” I chuckled lightly since I’ve been in a lot more uncomfortable situations while being deployed.
“I’m fine actually, but thanks for asking, sir!” I smiled brightly at him and he proceeded to ask if I’m positive that the floor was an acceptable place to sit, nevertheless I kindly refused again. He then sauntered away back to his chair and I glanced at my phone once more; I saw a few texts from some of my family and also one from my girlfriend. The…

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