Flaws And Flaws In The United States Legal System

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Sometimes in the United States legal system there are flaws that are glossed over in favor of convenience. This system has been supported by the fact that the legal system is recognized for quantity of cases that it solves rather than the quality of the cases. The average American citizen is actually the main cause for these flaws due to their lack of understanding of the legal system as a whole. Unless a case is particularly devastating the average citizen won’t even hear about it, but will instead continue to praise the legal system because they feel that is working well without any first-hand knowledge of whether this information is true or not. This practice almost encourages the United States legal system to quickly spit out cases that may not be carried out well, but encourage that sense of safety, thus creating flaws in the system. …show more content…
A famous example of a flaw in the United States legal system is the situation regarding, and surrounding Kalief Browder. He was incarcerated in 2010, for three years at Rikers Island in New York without a trial. Sadly, more often than not flaws like this are undetected, because they aren’t large enough to raise any red flags in the people involved in the case or even the person creating the flaw. Another prime example of the conservation of efficiency over morality is conviction of Adnan Masud Syed for the first degree murder of Hae Min Lee. While he may not be a victim of extreme circumstances such as the tampering of evidence he is still a victim of a faulty law system. The most glaring flaw in the case against Adnan is the complete and utter lack of any factual evidence. The only actual evidence that the state can supply in the case is a couple of fingerprints in Hae’s car that were a byproduct of when Adnan and Hae were dating (Episode 6). Because of this fact the state decided to use other evidence which was primarily focused around Jay Wilds and cellphone records from Adnan’s phone. If these were

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