Flaws And Flaws In Macbeth By Carol Ann Duffy's Macbeth

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Compare the way heroes’ flaws are dramatized in ‘Macbeth’ and two of the poems you have studied
Its only when we get to know people properly we will be able to decide what their weaknesses and strengths are because they can be up for interpretation. It’s easy for people to make judgements with very little evidence and they often depend on their state of mind. Throughout literature; it has been common to look at weaknesses.
I am going to look at the weaknesses and flaws of Macbeth, and two poems by Carol Ann Duffy, his ambition, superstition, his outside influence and his feelings of invincibility. In the poems we are going to look at negative emotions and how they destroy themselves through revenge. I’m going to argue that because humans have
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“Till he faced the slave; which ne’er shook hands, nor bade him farewell to him from the have th’ chops, and fixed his head upon our battlements.” This quote shows that it brings peace to Scotland. The word ‘battlements’ means castle walls and it shows that Macbeth would do anything to make sure that no bad thing would enter the castle walls. This first scene shows irony to the audience as in this moment in time Macbeth wants to protect his King and his country from evil when later on, he will be the cause of evil. The author must’ve wanted to show that in the beginning of the play Macbeth is a loyal righteous member of the King’s trusted people but later on he will be the person who commits regicide. Committing regicide is a very heinous sin as it is an offence to God, if you alter the position of the Kings, and goes to …show more content…
“Wasn’t I beautiful? Wasn’t I fragrant and young?” This shows that she knows that she was beautiful once before Athena cursed her. The words, ‘beautiful’ ‘fragrant’ and ‘young’ all show that now she is the opposite as she is now ugly, smelly and decaying. At this point the audience must feel sympathy for Medusa as she was once one of the most beautiful people in the village and now she is the person everybody wants to run away from. Carol Ann Duffy knew that Medusa would be feeling depressed at this point because she is killing everything her eyes land on. Carol Ann Duffy is a feminist and she loves giving women who don’t have a voice a voice as this is what she did with

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