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LEAF English

LEAF ENGLISH Field Trips provides a chance to expose children to new environments, lifestyles, and places. We not only take children to amazing places but use an all English approach. Letting children be exposed to real life situations while learning and using English, this will encourage and motivate students.

Due to the weather and that winter is coming the outdoor activities will be done first and then the indoor trips.

活动主题 (Topics) and活动地点 (Places):

1. At the zoo: Learn about the different animals in English and describing them.
1. Zoo 2. Animal 3. Elephant 4. Giraffe 5. Zebra 6. Lion 7. Tiger 8. Panda 9. Snake 10. Birds
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First Aid Kit

2. Pizza Time: Learn words and sentences on how to make a pizza. Learn cooking instructions and follow directions on making a pizza.

Vocabulary: 1. Cook 2. Pizza 3. Ingredients 4. Dough 5. Sauce 6. Cheese 7. Ham 8. Pepperoni 9. Mushrooms 10. Pepper 11. Onion 12. Slice 13. Pineapple 14. Delicious 15. Coke

Phrases: 1. Let´s make a pizza. 2. Let´s eat. 3. I like it. 4. I don´t like it. 5. It´s delicious!

Motions: 1. Taste 2. Cut 3. Eat 4. Grab

The Foreign teacher will introduce him or herself and will ask the students to do the same thing. (10 minutes)

We will work on learning the new vocabulary with flash cards and real objects.
(20 minutes)

After everyone has learned the new vocabulary we will start making the pizzas, the foreign teacher and teacher´s assistant will help the children. (20 minutes)

While the pizzas are in the oven we will give them a handout to play a game and review the words and phrases. (15 – 20 minutes)

When the pizza arrives everyone will eat it and enjoy it! (15 – 20 minutes)

We can review the words with a game, using the flash cards (jump to the card and Whisper game). (15 – 20 minutes)

Materials: 1. Plastic Aprons 2. Sauce 3. Vegetables 4. Meat 5. Dough 6. Name Tags 7. Printed handouts 8. Pencil 9. Chef hats (tall white hats) 10. Handouts

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