Flannery O ' Connor A Good Man Is Hard Essay

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It was very difficult to pick a short story this week. I like all of them. However. the one I chose was Flannery O’Connor “A Good Man is Hard to find”. For starters, the title caught my attention and was eager to find out the details. There are many different elements of literature in the short story like the symbol (the grandmother hat), themes (the definition of a good man), and motif which is used to help the theme. An example of this in the story would be that a good man was easier to come by in the past versus now a days. The symbols in the story the grandmother 's hat, which she wears for the sole motivation behind demonstrating that she is a woman, speaks to her misinformed good code. At the point when the grandma plans for the trip with the family, she spruces up so that if they were in a collision anybody seeing her dead body would realize that she was a woman. At the point when the grandma does get to an accident, the hat like her ethical feelings breaks apart. After she is tossed from the auto and the family is confronting the Misfit, the overflow of the hat tumbles off. She drops the broken hat as her start toward oneself as an issue crumbles. Which also lead to an irony, something that the grandmother paid so much attention to caused her life. There were two themes in the “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. The first theme is the grandmother definition of a “good man” which she interprets wrong on two occasions. The grandmother applies the word good…

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