Flamation Essay

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Register to read the introduction… In these areas, if a woman has not undergone FGM by the age of 16, she might not be allowed to handle food and water. She might not be allowed to sleep on a bed, or have any contact with other people. She might be considered an outcast in some parts of Somalia and Mali and treated like a slave, until she is mutilated.
According to a survey preformed by WHO in Egypt, Mali, CAR, and Eritrea, most women agree that FGM is a good tradition and is preformed in order to preserve culture. An alarming number of women believe it’s a religious requirement and that it is a part of hygiene. A huge portion of these women also believe that it preserves virginity, ensures better marriage proposals, enhances a male’s sexual pleasure, and prevents promiscuity and
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Non-sterile instruments are used to preform these procedures. Some FGM performers may use an herb mixture to prevent too much bleeding.
Short-term consequences of FGM depend on the degree of the mutilation. Most women experience excruciating pain and shock, infection caused by unsterile tools, UTI, and major tissues injury, and immediate fatal hemorrhaging. Some long-term implication entails extensive damage of the external reproductive system, uterus, vaginal, and pelvic infections, cysts, and neuromas. It can also cause problems with pregnancy and menstruation. It may also lead to vaginal fistulas.
Based on a survey preformed by WHO in Kenya in 2003, 55% of men support FGM procedures whereas 30% of men are against it. However, 15% of men are in different to FGM procedures since they believe it is not their place to
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Unfortunately, the governments do not enforce these laws and people continue to preform these procedures till this very day.
Moreover, The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination on Violence Against Women in 1992 states that “women who are subjected to violence should be provided with access to the mechanisms of justice and, as provided for by national legislation, to just and effective remedies for the harm that they have suffered; States should also inform women of their rights in seeking redress through such mechanisms.” This includes FGM procedures.
In addition, The UN Declaration of Violence Against Women in 1993 specifically creates a section dedicated to the violation of women’s rights that is caused by FGM. It defines FGM and makes it illegal to preform in African and Asian countries. However, due to the lack of enforcement, the perpetrators are not arrested or

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