Flabastian Mountain: A Short Story

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We were in the Mellonion forest, running for our lives, just Holly, Crank, Arty, and I, had just escaped another raid on the tyrants of Flabastian Mountain. This was the fourth attack we had planned this year, and it was going great until we ran into The Legend27. We would have planned more if we had not been on lock down for 3 months because of a mole somewhere in our camp. We had finally found the waste of a human life, we sentenced him to walk through the death swamp, and he had it coming. I was telling this to my grandchildren, Jeffery and Borkly, around the campfire, when Jeffery interrupted. “What were you doing raiding and attacking the Flabastians, Grandpa?” said Jeffery. “That is a great question Jeff! And the answer to that is …show more content…
Anyways, after she helped me out I ended up finding out that she was Hank Maxon’s daughter, the facilities director. Just for talking to Holly, Hank ordered to clean out the latrines, bathrooms, and the bunks. He even went out of the way and tried to make Holly never talk to me, but in her amazing stubbornness she said no, and since that day, Hank wasn’t as mean or cruel to me, he must have moved on to some fresh-meat that just transferred from some place in Ohio. As Holly and I got to know more about each other from talking, training together, doing chores and just hanging out, we started to spend more time with each other, and this is about halfway through the time I spent there. I was on my way to ask her a very important question, to ask her out, hey, hey, hey, calm down its not gross,” I said as they were starting to get uncomfortable. I explained, “It’s a great thing to do! Any ways, so on my way there this guy, Crank, ran up to me and said, “It’s from the director.” Therefore, he handed me an envelope with a big black stamped letters CLASSIFIED, I looked at him in shock and instantaneously opened the

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