Five Top Nutrients You Need Now Essay

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Five Top Nutrients You Need Now
By: Myo Buddy Products
Feeling sluggish? Change your diet! These five essential nutrients can help you beat fatigue, improve your overall endurance, and even help fight disease.
While the phrase “you are what you eat” dates back to the 1800s, it’s taken years of research since then to determine exactly what we need to eat to achieve optimal health.
It 's a given that food fuels our bodies, and if we don’t consume high-grade fuel, we can’t expect high level functioning. Eating healthfully not only helps us live longer by preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, but it also boosts energy and mood, increasing our overall quality of life. In addition, a healthy diet promotes a healthy weight and even a good night’s sleep.
The first step to reaping the benefits of healthy eating: understanding which nutrients your body needs and how to get them every day.
Here are five nutrients you need now to augment your diet.
Every cell of your body needs this essential mineral for hundreds of biochemical reactions, including energy production. While magnesium is predominantly found in plant-based whole foods, most folks are eating diets heavy in processed foods and aren 't getting enough of this vital nutrient. Also, many people deplete their magnesium stores by chronic stress and the use of certain prescription medications. In fact, more than half of all Americans are not consuming the minimum recommended amount of…

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