Into The Wild Theme Of Geography

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The novel Into the wild by Jon Krakauer is about a graduate student from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. The graduate student, Christopher Johnson Mccandless, decides that his life isn’t right for him so he journeys to Alaska in hope of being able to live in peace. On May 12, 1990, he tells his parents that he was going to be going on a road trip using his yellow Datsun, but he was actually planning on leaving and not coming back. Later that year during June, he sends his final college transcript to his parent in washington D.C.
On July 10 that same year, Christopher decides to abandon his car and many of his belonging after it got damaged in a flash flood. The car was later found by a park ranger and on the car was a note that said
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It can mostly relate to location, place, and region because the book mentioned a lot of them. But it can also relate to movement and human-environment interaction.
Location in the book is brought up multiple times in the form of relative location. For an example, the book says that Christopher heads north from Los Angeles to Alaska. It is using Los Angeles as a way to help show where Alaska is. Another example of location in the book is mental map being used. When Christopher gets lost in the Mexican Border he asked for direction. The person who gave him direction was giving direction based on the mental map in his head.
Place is also brought up more than once in the book. An example of this is when Christopher goes to Bullhead City in Arizona, the place is carefully described, telling what the streets are like with the many gas station, chiropractic, and lines of malls at the side of the streets. Another example of place being used is when the trailer that Christopher stayed in is being described,”... it’s a house trailer, furnished, with some of
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The place for hunting was hard to get to so a road was built to make it easier for hunters to get to. The wilderness of Alaska was in the five toos. It was to cold for living so Christopher died.
Movement wasn’t as obvious as the other themes in this book but there were a few examples of movement. The places that Christopher liked when he went there weren’t really connected to the world. For example in Carthage, South Dakota, the is no airport and no major connection with the rest of the Country. It was a little town that kept to itself.
The book Into The Wild can also greatly relate to population. Throughout the various places that Christopher went to, each place had it’s own population. For example Carthage, South Dakota has a small and dispersed population. While Los Angeles has a large and dense population.
The economic setting in the book was different based upon where Christopher was located. He was in places with good economics and places with not so good economics. Also depending on where he was people made a living differently. In Alaska, people fished, hunt, and worked for a living. In Los Angeles most people work and fish for a living. No one really hunts. So depending on where Christopher was in the book, the people lived

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