Five Personality Traits

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.1 My current job position is hair stylist and lead shift manager at Supercuts. At work I cut and style hair. When I 'm not cutting hair I am helping my manager with management tasks including helping stylists, an array of paperwork and being in charge espically when she 's not at the salon. I am very satisfied with my job. On a scale from 1-10I would rate my satisfaction at a 8. My job understands and meets my needs. My expectations are almost met. I love my job and I love that I get paid for learning within the company with their educational classes. As much as I love my job, I don 't believe I get paid enough for my position. I make an hourly rate with a certain percent of commission and I get tips. I do make decent money but where I am …show more content…
You must use the same person in assessing each of the five traits. Note: You must explain your assessments.
Note: Please bold the name of each characteristic (example: conscientiousness) and start each facet on a separate line. Do not interview the person you are writing about. Instead you should assess his or her personality traits based on your observation. You may not write about yourself for this question.

Melanie is an exrtrovert. Her job that she works six days a week requires her to show extraversion characteristics. She talks to people, she is outgoing and takes charge of in any type of situation. Melanie shows agreeblness with the way she is empathetic entrusting and soft hearted towards her employees. During work she is relaxed secure and unworried you can tell she has emotional stability. For herself and everyone around her to progressed she has an openness to experience new things and to learn and grow.
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In a different way To communicate effectively I would have told her that I pulled over a guest name I 'm almost ready that is my family and it is a request for me so she would have understood my message.

A. If there is bullying in the workplace whether it is you being bullied or you see someone else being bullied it is your job to let someone know. You can tell someone on the management team you, can tell someone at HR if you don 't feel comfortable talking to your coworkers call the HR line.
B. If there are any bullying complaints we will discuss the situation right away within 24 hours at least of the complaint as bullying will not be tolerated.
C. Depending on the situation there will be heavy consequences from losing hours to losing your job.

On a management team as the group we decide the schedule for the week which is great because we have the greater pool of knowledge. This allows us to figure out what schedules work best making sure that we have openers and closers and mid shifts. When we would come to a problem with being short-staffed I might come up with the idea of doing a double on a day where as my boss be come up with taking someone off on a different day and putting them on a different day that works better for the schedule. Putting our heads together makes our commitment to the decision much creator as we all have a better understanding of the decision rationale. And for those on the lower spectrum of our management team learned how to solve problems

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