Five Main Principles Of Viral Marketing Essay

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Five main principles of Viral Marketing
In the traditional marketing methods, companies often need to invest much money in media promotion. These ways of marketing are too rigid to get the satisfactory results, therefore with the development of the Internet in recent years, Viral Marketing has been produced. Compare to the traditional marketing methods, Viral Marketing won the favor of many enterprises with its lower cost and wider spread. The rest structure of the paper is presented as follows. The second section presents introduce the conception of Viral Marketing and the original of the Viral Marketing. The third section shows the five main principles of Viral Marketing and uses three simple cases to explain the principles. The fourth section reports evaluations from three different perspectives according to the cases those discussed before. The fifth section concludes.

To begin, we need to be clear on what we mean by Virality. A standard is given by Nahon and Hemsley (2013, p.16):“Virality is a social information flow process where many people simultaneously forward a specific information item, over a short period of time, within their social network, and where the message spreads beyond their own networks to different, often distant networks, resulting in a sharp acceleration in the number of people who are explored to the message.” Compared with the conception of the Virality”. People can comprehension the Viral Marketing much easily. In fact, many people such as…

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