Status Of Women In China 1932

1) Meaning
• 5 key phrases that indicate the status of women in China 1932. Starts with “They were not peasant woman but big city people, very modern… They were supposed to be the lucky ones.” - This suggests that even though they were middle class they had no security and so as women they suffered, in the same way, the lower class did. Next, Cousin Nunu Aiyi “later she divorced her husband, a daring thing for a woman to do… no means to support herself or her young daughter…became his number two concubine… she was lucky the lawyer still wanted her.” – even though she had the right to divorce there was no support within the country for women. She was lucky to be wanted even with a child by another man, but she became a concubine, which is a very status for a woman to have. Perhaps showing no job security or at least a higher paying one. Then, “…my uncle often complained that his family had chosen an ugly woman for his wife. To show his displeasure, he often insulted Jyou Ma’s cooking… Great-uncle’s family eventually chose a pretty woman for his second wife. But the complaints about Jyou Ma’s cooking did not stop ” - this shows that woman were nothing more than wives to him. They were not treated as people and so constantly insulted until the man could get a “better one” but still the insults continued. Also, “… is a servant, remembered only as someone who cleaned but not cook.” This suggests that servant women are seen only as the help and remembered only for what they did or didn’t do for you, she wasn’t even given a name. Lastly “…a rich man… forced my grandmother into becoming one of his concubines” this shows woman were taken as men please and
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The status of woman in other parts of the world at this time: Canada, around this time Canadian woman got the right to vote. During the Great Depression, many women were employed but with low paying jobs than having to come home and care for the

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