5 Flights Up: Movie Analysis

Film Blog Assignment: 5 Flights Up
The film “5 Flights Up” follows an elderly married couple as they attempt to sell their apartment while dealing with their sick dog, a “terrorist” incident in the neighbourhood, and the fact that they really don’t want to move but are being pushed towards it by family and acquaintances who believe that the building isn’t suitable for an aging couple.
The definition of the ideological code of the “Standard North American Family,” which is commonly abbreviated to “SNAF,” states that SNAF is the conception of “family” as a legally married, heterosexual couple who share a household and who may or may not have children (Mitchell, 2009). Some other common parts of the concept are that the family is middle-class
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The couple had been to multiple doctors and they had all given the same diagnosis that Ruth was infertile and Ruth was taking the news very badly. She saw herself as a failure as a woman since she couldn’t do “the most natural thing in the world,” while her mother and sister had been able to do it multiple times easily. When Alex tried to comfort her by saying that they didn’t need children Ruth snapped at him that, “No one needs children, Alex. People want them,” and then said that she was a disappointment to him. She refused to believe Alex’s denials about her disappointing him by being infertile, he countered that as a teacher she had classrooms full of children, and that she had him, her “big baby.” For many couples they expect to have children after marriage, and in the “Family Development Perspective” children are a huge indicator in the different stages of a family’s life, which depends mainly on how the couple reacts to the presence or absence of children (Mitchell, 2009). While there are many people who choose not have children, Alex and Ruth were not one of them but they found other ways to extend their family. Ruth’s devotion to teaching her students, long-time friendships with people like Larry and his wife May, Mr. Rahim from their neighbourhood, and also remaining closer to their niece Lily’s family then they probably would have if they’d had their own children. After Ruth’s realtor niece, Lily, flips them off and stomps away near the end of the film, Ruth says “I guess we won 't be going to her place for Thanksgiving this year.” All of these examples show how “family” is not just your immediate family, but can stretch into your extended family and go beyond blood

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