Fitzgerald's Symbolism: Symbolism In The Great Gatsby

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Everyone focuses on the love story of gatsby but fail to realize the truth behind everything, for example, the symbols. We all know bout the love connection and the cheating and stuff but no one really fully understand how the symbols play a huge part in the story each symbols help figure out what really happens. Everyone focuses on the love section of the great gatsby but fitzgerald focuses on the symbols that make up the story as a whole. From Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, the owl eyes , green light and the Gatsby mansion. Some people believe gatsby is all about wealth , fame, and parties, but really it’s the symbols of love that creates the story as a whole. Dr.T.J.Eckleburg is a billboard with eyes that are blue and big with a big vision. He has no face but his eyes watch over the corrupt …show more content…
The green light represents gatsby 's hopes and everything that haunts Gatsby. Gatsby’s physically even emotional distance between Daisy and him, the gap between the past and the present which holds the promises of the future with the powerful lure of other green stuff he crave for like money.This physically is how gatsby felt and why fitzgerald used its as one of his main symbols. This helps me prove that symbols is big factor to this love triangle and the life of gatsby. Michaelis describes the car that killed myrtle as green light even though it was yellow. Gatsby 's perfect lawn is green. The green light was a count of enchanted objects that diminished by one. This support how symbols connect to the mystery in the gatsby Help connect with the story itself and what happen. Paraphase: The green light was a count of enchanted objects that diminished by one. George even tired to face "green" in the sunlight. This helps prove that symbols all played a role in some kind of way Without symbols the story will be all over the place connection between gatsby and the green light and just how important it was to

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