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Patricia Edwards
Instructor: Barry Gabay

Fitness Trainers

Based on what your personal goals are there are several fitness programs available to choose from, whether you are a novice, a beginner, an avid fitness guru or a Baby Boomer, there is a program that is right for you, listed below a some programs that your Fitness Trainer may suggest to get you on your way to a healthy and fun lifestyle, Let’s get Motivated

Personal Trainer:
If you are new to fitness and not quite comfortable with your body, a Personal Trainer may be the first step in your fitness program, classes are usually a 1 hour class, depending on your trainer. Here are a few things that your personal trainer can offer
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A program that may be suggested is a Basic Mat Pilates class.

Basic Mat Pilates A basic mat Pilate’s class may be just what you are looking for and can be incorporated with your current workout program this is a 45 to an hour class. A Pilates class offer several benefits first there is still the Small classes. The small class size works you into working out with others, where you can focus on your form and not worry so much about who may be looking at you while you work out, the class also focus on your Core: Then core is thought by some to be the body’s center. Targeting your body’s core will improve posture, abdominal strength and decrease back, neck and joint pain and also flexibility. As with your personal trainer Resistance tools will be introduces. Resistance tools are equipment that you will utilize in class such as Mats, Stability Ball, wedges and sometimes bands. These tools are uses in several of the routines to lengthen and stable the body, the use of the stability ball will help with balance and strength. Once you have gotten in tune with your body, increased your stamina gotten over your apprehension that everyone is looking at you in your leotards a low impact class may be the next big step.

Low Impact Aerobics
Now that you have gotten over your apprehension and gotten into a fitness routine, the

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